🌈 We evolve culture with technology ⚗️

The methodologies I champion for life and folio are on the rise:

Sharpen the axe, then plant trees instead.

Concretely speaking, I like to use JavaScript, HTML, CSS and data in their manifold forms to rapidly prototype and test concepts and designs with the users they are intended to benefit. My benefactors and clients range widely among grassroots passion projects, pre-seed rookies, venture-backed startups, small and medium businesses, and city-sized multi-national corporations. I can design the journey, develop the full stack, or play any of the many composite roles contained within these as needed.

If you would like to enlist my services, drop me a line.

Some of my favorite tools

🙏 Gratitude 💫

… for the panorama of opportunities my career, adventures, and studies provide me, opportunities to be of service to humanity and to our Lover Nature. And while I recognize that we do not yet inhabit the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible, I devote myself to the garden.